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On February 26 2015, Photographer Pete Hawk and a team of dedicated workers from the Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency (MECA) and the Street University set up a makeshift studio at Dawson Mall, in the western Sydney suburb of Mount Druitt. They asked passers by to stand in for a portrait and posed the question - "Where do you live and how do you see yourself in the community?" Below are few of the people captured that day. http://youtu.be/7CGD4BcIz0E   For further information about this exhibition, please contact reception on 02 9625 9300 or info@meca.org.au

Tribute to Mother

I was born in the poorest smallest country in the world Burundi. My mum gave birth to me at home. There was not nurses, No hospitals and worse, I was born sick. I couldn't eat, drink, breastfeed or even cry. Every-one told my mother, “He is gone, He can't make it”. For the mother's love, She tried everything she could but nothing was working out. She then walked from one state to another on hills and mountains to find a better doctor until she found one. This song was made to thank her for what she's done! It is dedicated to her and all good mothers out there. John K-ay Official website www.johnk-ay.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiehob...