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Student Spotlight: NTUMBA

I am a very dedicated and passionate individual. I love helping people and working with people of all background.

Student Spotlight: FATMA

A lover for animals and nature, vegetarian and a NRL West Tigers fan!

Youth Consultation in Mount Druitt

Why consult? What’s the point?

As identified in our strategic plan, one of MECA’s core aims is to activate individuals and communities so that they can identify skills and strengths, reach their potential and maximise their opportunities. Part of our commitment to achieving this goal ...

Student Spotlight: RUMBI

I love to laugh and have a good time with my family and friends. I am one who cannot turn down a good opportunity to travel or engage in new experiences and I believe life is a gift, it should be lived to the fullest, while only focusing on the positive :)

Volunteer of the Month – July

"Everyone has a different story. I am learning how to better understand and relate to other people"