Director John K-ay wants to show everyone that nothing is impossible

Patrick Fahy |  9 Mar 2016

In 2012, actor and director John K-ay released a film called ‘Nothing is Impossible.’

As well as being the tile for one of his films, it is also the message he has for all the young people out there.

“I want to show everybody that if you want to do something, you can do it,” he said.

John was born Jean Marie Ndaishimiye in 1992 in Burundi in west Africa.

Two years after he was born a war broke out, so his family migrated to Tanzania.

They spent the next 11 years living in a refugee camp before they were offered an opportunity to come to Australia.

After initially living in Wollongong, John relocated to Perth with his family a year.

While his family still live in Perth, John has now settled in Blacktown, because there are more opportunities in Sydney.

“When I was growing up, there was no such thing as doing media or music even if you wanted to. The only thing we had to do is eat, sleep, go to school, come back home, that’s it.”
– John K-ay

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Picture by: Isabella Lettini