Leadership Training

MECA supports young people to design and deliver events and programs in Mount Druitt. This includes providing assistance and support to young people that want to hold or perform at events in the local area. Interest in the program is largely centred on the provision of assistance in performing at local events, fairs and fête’s. MECA assists young people by providing equipment, rooms, volunteers and funding to support such activities.

MECA also provides assistance through a mentoring model of Leadership Training delivery. This includes running a number of one-on-one sessions that involve individual goal setting, as well as analysing personal difficulties and developing plans to overcome these issues. Participants within this program are assisted in the development of skills enabling young people to be more actively involved in their communities. These skills include designing assistance programs, communication and professionalism. These sessions are very popular, with over 114 sessions conducted during the 2013-2014 financial year alone.

To register interest in this program, please complete an Expression of Interest form. For further information, please contact our staff on 02 9625 9300 or info@meca.org.au
Note: No child-minding available.